Touring Venezuela is a website dedicated to teaching anyone who is curious all about Venezuela. This website can help you plan a vacation in Venezuela by helping with the location of the country as well as the islands that border it. There is also information on the history of the country, including details about when it was first founded, who founded it, and the story behind the mission. On this site, you can find out all about the different terrains that can be found in Venezuela, all of the tourist information you could hope to find, and information on how Venezuela is emerging as an up and coming country in this day and age. also encourages tourists planning a visit to this country to read up on specific information about Venezuela before visiting; the website explains that there are around thirteen million tourists throughout the year and most of them come during holidays either to help celebrate or simply enjoy the activities as something new and undiscovered to them. However, according to, it is very important to understand these holidays and their traditions before coming in order to enjoy them to the full extent, and this website can help you do that. also tells you what major credit cards are accepted, it tells you that you can use American money in this country, and that when you go out to eat at a restaurant, it is unnecessary to leave a tip because a portion of your check already includes it. This website is full of information that it deems necessary for someone considering planning a visit to this country and has made this website specifically dedicated to the Venezuela tourists. The purpose of this website is to make sure that when people visit this country, they are as prepared as possible for what they will find.


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