Venezuela's Cities Caracas, Merida ad Maracaibo

Why does Venezuela have this name?

When the first explorers arrived to Venezuela, this made them remember Venice, the city in Italy, this is the reason they baptized Venezuela as 'Little Venice'.

Venezuela has an excellent geographic position that makes this country count with an exceptional flora and fauna. It has an amazing tropical weather and scenarios.

Venezuelan cities are highly visited each year because of the different attractions that the cities offer. Merida is one of the most visited cities at Venezuela, it counts with many touristic natural attractions, what makes it interesting for the tourists.

Some of Merida's natural attractions are: Chiguara, Jají and Tabay (among others) hot springs. Natural parks such as 'Cascada de la India Carú' and 'Cascada El Guayabal', lagoons, for example 'Mucubají' and 'Negra'. Many fabulous buildings like museums, churches and mansions. As part of the city entertainment it has got fairs, concerts, bullrings, dances and much more.

Caracas is also a very visited city, a city where you can enjoy of nature and of the urban life too. There are monuments (many of them honoring Simon Bolivar), buildings, historical places, religious buildings (e.g. the cathedral of Caracas, built in 1641, where Simon Bolivar was baptized) plazas, rides (such as the cable railway ride offered at Waraira Repano Park which destiny is an ice skating rink) and museums (e.g. Museum of Fine Arts, the oldest museum of Venezuela founded in 1917)

Maracaibo is the capital of the state of Zulia. It is located at the northwest of the country. After Caracas, it is the most populated city in Venezuela. Just like the other cities, Maracaibo has got beautiful buildings, including museums and an attractive nature. A very attractive one is General Rafael Urdaneta's Bridge, it is at Maracaibo Lake. Also, if you wish to keep yourself entertained, you can go shopping to the many malls there are, participate in events and enjoy of the night life.


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