Popular Venezuelan Food

The country of Venezuela is a very tropical place that has people with tastes that reflect this fact. In regards to this the cuisine you can find in Venezuela is often very flavorful and also often very diverse as you can find elements of European and African influence in Venezuelan cuisine depending on what region you find yourself in. The coast of the country offers a host of quality seafood such as shellfish, crayfish, and all manner of fish in general. The pargo or red snapper is a delicacy in the country as well as the dorado. Coconut is used in Venezuela as part of some of the exotic dishes that are popular in the country as well. As mentioned different regions often have different tastes in Venezuela so no matter where you go in the country you are likely to run into a variety of foods. The Andean region is a region that is famous for arepa which is a dish that is made of wheat. The cured meats as well as the sausages found in this area are often sold in the rural villages. Another popular dish in this area of Venezuela is trout which can be found in many streams and lakes in this part of the country and is served a variety of ways.

When it comes to the most famous dishes in Venezuela this includes Arepa as mentioned and Cachapa. Both of these dishes are made from grains and in the case of Arepa this is simply a cornmeal cake that is made a variety of ways such as grilled, fried and baked. The Venezuelan people often put a variety of meats and cheeses in their Arepa unlike the country of Columbia in which it is eaten by itself. The Arepa in the Venezuelan diet is eaten with most meals in place of bread and is a very filling dish.


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