Tourism in Venezuela

Venezuela, the country on whose shores Columbus first landed in 1498, is on the South-American continent, north of Brazil, between Colombia and Guyana, bordering the Caribbean Sea.

The name of Venezuela in translation means 'Little Venice' and is due to the similarity that settlers and inhabitants of European origin make between Indian settlements in the port of Maracaibo and the famous historic Italian city.

From the charming beaches of Margarita Island, discovered on August 15, 1498, you can admire the crystal waves of the sea around, reflecting the blue sky. The island owes its name 'Margarita' from Greek meaning 'pearl', its wealth and beauty of pearls fished in its waters.

Venezuela is a land of unique and fascinating flora and fauna, where traditional culture meets western lifestyle of the modern tourist destinations. In addition, the South American country is considered to be the most 'Americanized' of all the Southern American countries. The most spectacular pictures you can see are the snow covered mountains, the Amazonian jungles, savannahs, and beaches with white bright sand, decorated with palm trees for the scenery to be perfect.

Country is a magnificent gateway to the fascinating South-American continent where you will encounter the exotic charm of its natural landscape, with stunning picture of the largest waterfalls in the world, Salto Angel, high of 979 meters, the savannahs and mountains towering, and the exciting atmosphere of the traditional Indian villages and the city's aboriginal colonial Caracas.

Travel and tourism in Venezuela has become a real deal as in the last few years almost one million tourists have visited the country due to its amazing attractions and its hunting and fishing activities. All travel sites have many information and prices of all ranges for a perfect holiday package in Venezuela.

Venezuela has a dry season from November to May and a rainy season from May to the remaining months. The land is good in the dry season for tourists because they can have many activities, but Angel waterfall is even more spectacular after rain. Also, Lake Maracaibo is the largest lake in Southern America.


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