Margarita Island, Venezuela

For the tourist and residents there are many places to visit in Venezuela that are good destination spots to enjoy great beaches as well as marine life of the country. Venezuela’s Margarita Island is known for being a tropical paradise for many tourists who visit the Island and it has many beautiful palm tree lined beaches and the cool breeze of the Caribbean sea to back this notion up. The place is situated off the north coast of the country of Venezuela and many that visit the island feel that it promotes a very laid back lifestyle. The island itself is the biggest of the Nueva Esparta in addition to the smaller islands surrounding it of Coche and Cubagua. The capital city of the Nueva Esparta area is La Asuncion and this is also situated on the island of Margarita. These islands off the coast of Venezuela are truly wonderful sites to behold and in addition to this some of the best food in the Caribbean can be found here as well.

When it comes to tourism the Margarita Islands are becoming more and more popular every year that passes by. In addition to the breathtaking tropical scenery and excellent food that you can find here there are also many top flight hotels that the average tourist can stay in. In addition to this the nightlife as well as the duty free shopping attract numerous foreigners each year. This makes the islands a prime location for vacationers from all over the world including Venezuelans. In order to get to the Margarita Island Ferry can be taken from Venezuela or one can fly from the Santiago Marino airport which is only 25 km away from Porlamar. The beautiful sites and activities that you can be a part of on the island makes taking a trip to the Margarita Islands a great idea for those who are looking for a serious vacation.


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