Venezuela Entry and Exit

Before visiting Venezuela, or any foreign country, it is important to know what is required to enter and exit as a United States citizen. It is not always easy to enter or exit a country that is not your home. Here are a few facts you should know when planning a Venezuelan getaway.

In the case of American citizens, little more is needed than a passport, according to the Venezuelan Embassy. The passport will need to be in good standing order and have at least an additional six months before its expiration. In addition, a passport in poor condition could be grounds for refused entry into the country. While flying to Venezuela, a tourist card will be given to the traveler and it will need to be kept for the duration of the visit. The tourist card is then submitted to the appropriate personnel when the person leaves the country.

An American that is planning to take up residence in Venezuela for more than 90 days will need to apply for the proper long term visa. For those people that intend to work, a separate work permit will need to be issued. These documents must come from the SAIME agency as there are scam companies that issue fake documents, which could lead to an arrest and possible deportation for having fake immigration documents.

A person who has dual citizenship in Venezuela and the United States will need to carry both passports during travel between the countries. There is also a law for child protection that states that all children under the age of 18 who travel without both parents present will need to also have both written authorization from any parents that are not present as well as a copy of their legal certificate of birth.

Make sure to check into other laws and important entry and exit requirements before planning a trip to Venezuela. Travelers are able to contact the main office of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC or visit the Embassy of Venezuela web site. There are also Venezuelan Consulates in New Orleans, New York, San Juan, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Houston, or San Francisco


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