The Culture of Venezuela

Although it is not as recognized as other South American countries, the culture of Venezuela has a very strong tradition. A large reason for the abundance of culture in this small country comes from the wide range of geographical features and the fact that there are three separate influences for the culture of Venezuela. With indigenous people, African slaves, and Spanish conquistadors dominating much of the history of Venezuela, a unique culture has emerged from the different influences. From this combined efforts, many of the fine arts are well represented by Venezuelan citizens.

In terms of art and literature, the Venezuelan painters and writers normally stick to classic themes. Much of the early period of painting and other fine arts fields featured a large amount of religious influence. This period was followed by an era of war painting and also a modernist period. The culture of Venezuela in terms of literature has tended more to the romantic side, with most works being of a narrative or poetic nature. One of the most famous figures to come from the literature of the country was Andres Bello, a poet that garnered international acclaim for his works and humanist efforts.

The styles of music in Venezuela differ from region to region, but there is a national style. The most commonly used musical instrument is the cuatro, which is akin to the guitar, but is smaller and only has four strings. Although few groups and musical artists from Venezuela have become international superstars, the Serenata Guaynesa group has had reasonable success worldwide. Their particular style is considered to be Venezuelan folk and their legacy stretches from the early 1970s until today. With many mixed arts and different regional styles, the culture of Venezuela can be extraordinary and leave a lasting impression on a visitor.


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