Weather in Venezuela

Venezuelan weather is very important when it comes to finalizing travel plans for this country. It is true that the tourist season is open all year-round in Venezuela because of the tropical climate, but sometimes temperatures can rise up to 85°F in most places.

Venezuela is close to the Equator, meaning that the average temperature will vary very little during the course of the year. But the temperatures to drop when there is a significant change in altitude. This means that in the Andean and other coastal mountain ranges temperatures will be more moderate.

Venezuela is a country with only one dry season and one wet season. The dry season happens in November/December and April/May, while the wet season takes place the rest of the year. Travel experts recommend the dry season for traveling because it is more pleasant for outdoor activities like hiking and mountain exploring. Still, city travelers and people who want to explore the culture of the towns will be disturbed the frequent raining that takes place during the wet season, that is why the dry season is also recommended for sightseeing. On the other hand, waterfalls are more impressive during the wet season and quite inaccessible during the dry season when you can’t get near them because the river is like a thin strip of water during the dry season.

The best periods to travel are over the Christmas season, during Carnival and Holy Week. During all these periods all hotels and airlines are usually full, so be sure to book something ahead. These periods are very colorful and lively, with a lot of outdoor activities and street festivals. The Venezuelan Christmas is running up until the middle of January, while the Holy Week is the week before the Sunday when they celebrate Easter. These holidays make Venezuela the place to be.


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