Work and Study Opportunities in Venezuela

Work and study opportunities in Venezuela usually involve teaching English or Spanish as second languages or doing some business hours.

Venezuela is known as a famous destination for Spanish schools, were Spanish native speakers or Spanish enthusiasts can teach Spanish to local children. The downside is that they don’t have Spanish programs in the big cities, only in local villages. But travelers can find individual classes and work as independent teachers. The best place to find a Spanish language job in Venezuela is Merida because it has a lot of language facilities. Students who are interested in finding cheap accommodation and great Spanish schools will love this place and its welcoming culture. Spanish can also be taught and learned in places like Caracas and Pampatar on Isla de Margarita.

Although the language study and teaching opportunities are great in Venezuela, the job market that doesn’t involve a language teaching job is very poor. The Venezuelan economy is not strong enough to afford hiring foreign work force, when many locals are still unemployed. English enthusiasts can visit the British Council for excellent advice, but they can also try visiting private language schools and language departments at different universities.

For working in Venezuela, travelers need a working visa in order to work legally. It is possible to get a job without a visa permit, but you could risk exploitation by your employer. The work day in Venezuela usually has eight hours, from 8AM until noon, and then again from 2PM until 6PM.

Finding a job in Venezuela can be quite difficult. Working in Venezuela can be done with the help of international volunteer programs or with English as Second Language programs that will guarantee your pay and protect you from exploitation. Anything else is heavily limited because Venezuela is a country with a big work force, but little working places.


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