Safety and Health in Venezuela

Tourists should be informed about health and safety before visiting Venezuela. The best way to stay healthy is to know what the risks are before going. No matter how wonderful and beautiful a destination may be, a trip will not be enjoyable if you’re sick or uncomfortable in the environment.

Caracas, one of the more popular tourist destinations, is home to beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. Despite the beauty, there are still serious dangers that should be observed. The main risks are crime, traffic accidents, and natural phenomena. Read local news and events before visiting, as well as the weather report, to ensure that you’re aware of what is happening. Caracas does have a reputation of being a rough place to be in certain parts. This is partly due to the fact that the poverty level within Venezuela is high. Crime information can be found on the U.S. State Department’s travel web site: The best way to avoid traffic accidents is to not rent a car. Caracas is a big city full of aggressive drivers, making it difficult for visitors to drive.

With a little commonsense and precaution, visitors can remain healthy and happy throughout their entire trip. With poor sanitation in Venezuela, it is vital to be careful of what you eat and drink. Only eat from well known restaurants and spots that are recommended for tourists. Do not use strong antibiotics casually for prevention. This will create a resistance to the antibiotic, making it difficult to receive treatment if you do actually get sick. Bottled water and other drinks are always the best idea if you’re worried about being able to obtain clean water. Preventive measures, such as often hand washing and use of antibacterial soap, will help you stay healthy while visiting. The most important thing to remember when visiting Venezuela is staying safe and healthy.


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