Nightlife in Venezuela

When visiting Venezuela, there are a plethora of things to do, to see, and of course to experience. Tourist can enjoy hours of entertainment while visiting this exciting country. There is a wide assortment of cafes, bars and clubs all over the country. Caracas and tourist resorts have some of the popular clubs in the country and offer environments for everyone, no matter what your taste.

Merida, Venezuela serves as both a college town and a popular backpacker and adventure destination, producing an active nightlife. In Merida, bars generally begin to get started around 9pm and close between midnight and 2am. Discos begin around 10pm and usually stay open between 3 am and 4 am. Popular bars include La Cucaracha Racing Bar, Alto Prado, El Bodegon, and Centro Comercial Mamayeya. These hangouts are multi environment establishments and are the more popular nightspots. They are also filled with the local college crowd and do not generally have a cover charge.

Caracas, Venezuela is one of the more popular locations for busy nightlife. Caracas can be easily accessed through cable car transportation. Renowned for all night dancing parties, Caracas has discos, jazz bars, and nightclubs. Drinks in Caracas can be overly priced, but there are always nightly deals available on certain drinks. Most clubs charge an entry fee, however many offer free entry for women on 'ladies night'. Caracas clubs do have dress clothes that range from no jeans to any entry if you do not look smart. Women do not usually have to comply with the dress attire and can get by with almost anything.

If jazz, discos, or nightclubs do not interest you, there are other options. The National and Municipal Theatres offer several performances, operas, dramas, ballet, and operettas. There are also different types of theatres such as open-air, in Caracas, and cinemas that play popular movies.


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