Venezuela Practical Travel Info

Practical travel information about Venezuela can come in handy whenever you are planning a trip to Venezuela. It is very important to see the currency rate, to know which credit cards will be accepted, if you require visas or travel insurance.

The Venezuelan official currency is the Bolívar, which is usually abbreviated to the letter B. Tourists must be very careful when they receive their exchange because some paper notes look almost the same and can be easily confused. Still, the most popular currency is the US dollar, so if you don’t want to get caught in exchanging money, you can stick to the US dollar. If you insist on changing your cash into Bolívar money, you need to find a 'casa de cambio', which is an authorized money exchange office. These places can be found in all the major cities of the country, but they only buy foreign currency, they don’t sell it back to you. In Venezuela, they accept US dollars at hotels and hostels and in travel tours.

The most used and useful credit cards in Venezuela are Visa and MasterCard. They are both accepted as payment for goods and services, but not all shops have functioning devices to actually process your payment. That is why it is usually safe to ask if they can take credit cards.

If your health package doesn’t include medical insurance abroad, be sure to get one. You’ll also need an International Certificate of Vaccination which will tell you all the vaccines you need before going to Venezuela. Usually, vaccines don’t work until at least two weeks after it has been administered. That is why you need to plan your travel correctly in order to be safely immunized when you enter the country.

There are some dangerous place in Venezuela, especially at night. You need to be safe when traveling the streets so don’t carry any ostentatious jewelry or watches.


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