Medications in Venezuela

There are certainly many things that are worth being known about Venezuela before visiting a country that is so different than one's home place. On the section Safety and Health on this website you can find out all the general information that you might need to know about how to avoid getting in trouble in some of the major cities of this country and more importantly you will learn where to go in case you need medical help. However, one must be very unfortunate as to get sick while traveling so on this page people can learn where to go if they need medications while in Venezuela.

The first place you should visit is the drug store. If you believe that the language barrier might pose some problems, try going straight to a doctor in a hospital as the chances are bigger the doctors will speak English. It is however recommended to get the medications you think you might need prior to departure. The only thing is that you might have to declare them and you may not be allowed to take too many with you.


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