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Venezuela is known for being a beautiful country, and at this site you can read Venezuela info for you to be able to learn more about it.

At you can get help you with your next vacations plan. Actually, this country's official name is 'Rep├║blica Bolivariana de Venezuela'. It is located in South Amerca, and its territory also counts with some islands on the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. On it's bordered to the west by Colombia, to the south by Brazil, and on the east by the Guyana. Christopher Columbus was the first European to visit Venezuela. He came in 1498 during his third voyage to the New World.

More Information

Venezuela is considered an emerging country, it is recognized for being one of the seventeen mega diverse with an irregular geography that combines jungles, dry lands, savannas (Los llanos) and andean regions. It counts with the most extensive protected areas in Latin America which is approximately a 63% of its national territory. It's population are mestizos (of dual heritage) which are a mix of indigenous people, Europeans, Africans and a small rate of Asians.

Tourist Info

Do you want to visit? Here at, you can find all the necessary Venezuela info to travel!. Caracas, the capital, is the largest city in the country. Caracas is a highly visited city by tourists around the world. Tourism is one of the most important industries for this country.

Important Tourist Info

During Holy Week a lot of local travek to other places in Venezuela, for the carnival festivities. Around 13 millions of international tourists come each year for these celebrations (including Christmas and New year's Eve).

Information You Should Know

Venezuela's official national currency is the "Bolivar". American dollars are accepted so if you do not carry bolivares with you, try to change your local currency to American dollars. The most popular credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Diner's Club. Customs. Take into account that Venezuela is a Spanish speaking country eventhough many of its citizens (mostly in urban areas) speak English. It is not obligatory to leave tips (a 10% of the service is already included in your bills). This Venezuela info can be very important for a tourist: Caracas is not completely a safety city and there have been registered some violent crime cases against tourists.

With this Venezuela information, you are not just going to be another tourist, you'll be better prepared for what to expect at this country. Hopefully you'll find all the Venezuela info you need here.


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